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Module 1 can assist your business in building a basic, effective safety and health management system (SHMS) that combines the best principles and features of four well-recognized models. After completing Module 1, you may wish to take your organization's SHMS a step further and seek certification to one of these four models. Module 2 will guide you through this process. If your company already has a well-functioning SHMS in place, you may proceed directly to Module 2. If you do, feel free to consult Module 1 for explanations about basic concepts and principles relating to an SHMS.

Modules 1 and 2 can be taken independently of one another. Each Module requires passing a Test to be awarded a certificate for that Module.

Completion times for students vary widely depending on the amount of time spent browsing the Web-based resources and completing the assignments. The table below gives some approximations.

  Approximate Completion Time
Module 1 10 hours
Module 2 2 hours

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This Course is funded by an OSHA-sponsored Susan Harwood grant.