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Minimize workplace risks and the costs and injuries associated with them.

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Join thousands of companies who have already created a safe, healthier workplace by implementing an effective safety and health management system. NC State University in partnership with OSHA introduces Version 2.0 of Safety and Health Management Systems for Small Businesses.

This free, online training course teaches you to build an effective safety and health management system in order to prevent injuries and illnesses in your workplace. Like the original course, Version 2.0 can reflect your specific needs and your way of doing business, utilizing the best principles of recognized management system models. Version 2.0 provides you with:

  • Expanded safety and health management system content
  • Easier access to regulatory requirements
  • Tons of new interactive audio, graphical and video enhancements
  • Tools and resources you need to seek certification of your management system

Small businesses oftentimes do not have an adequate work force or financial resources to implement an effective SHMS. This course, funded by an OSHA-sponsored Susan Harwood grant and developed by NC State University, is designed to assist small- and medium-sized businesses in developing and implementing an effective safety and health management system. Let us help you manage the risks of doing business.

Start investing in safety today and learn how to establish your own individualized Safety and Health Management System (SHMS).